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Picture yourself standing with one foot in New York City’s tin-pan alley during the 1920s and the other in Los Angeles’ Troubadour during the singer-songwriter boom of the 70s. Somewhere in-between the two, there’s a whole lot of folk, blues, and rock and roll sprawled across the United States. Eric Miller and the Easy Winners give a tip-of-the-hat to much of this great music, while remaining open to new directions in their own original songs.

Eric is the founder of the group, and has been performing and writing songs since his teens. After a brief stint playing drums in bands in California, he moved to Seattle, and the rest is history.


Eric Miller: Vocals, Guitar and Piano
Eric Miller Bio Pic
“This band has really been a dream come true for me. I’ve always wanted to be in a group that sings harmony together and has several songwriters and vocalists. Between the four of us, I feel like we can tackle pretty much anything. Each player brings so much to the table.”
Eric remembers growing up listening to his dad practicing the drums and rehearsing with his bands: “Me and my sisters would put out pots and pans in front of his kit, and we’d sit on the floor and bang on them with wooden spoons and stuff while he practiced.” Eric later played drums in high-school bands with friends and eventually switched to guitar and started writing songs. “I was in a guitar class, and for the final we had to write an original song. It was probably a terrible song (laughs), but it got me writing, and I haven’t stopped since!” Running on a steady diet of Kerouac novels, Dylan records, and copious amounts of coffee, Eric moved to Seattle in 2004 and began sowing the seeds for what would later become the Easy Winners.
Lucien Lamotte: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Lucien Lamotte
“The thing I love most about the Easy Winners is the diversity of song material we play. We cover a lot of ground musically. It’s exciting…and it keeps me on my toes!  I really enjoy the challenge of singing close-harmony and blending vocally with Stef and Eric.”

Lucien started playing violin in the 4th grade, bought a drum kit with money he earned on his newspaper route, and later taught himself to play the piano and guitar. He continued his pursuits into undergraduate and graduate studies where he earned an M.A. in composition at San Francisco State University. He has since gone on to arrange, perform, and record with countless NW bands and touring acts all over the globe.

In addition to being an ardent student of music, Lucien also enjoys the creative process of teaching.  He and his wife Lily, run NoteWordies, a creative space in Kirkland, WA, for writers and musicians that features workshops, lessons, and performances.

Saburo Miyata: Upright Bass
Sabu Miyata
“It’s been amazing to watch this group evolve and take shape. I love hearing each unique musical-personality merge into a collective sound – the whole thing coming together.”

Saburo (known affectionately by the group as ‘Sabu’) and Eric Miller began collaborating in early 2009 on what would later become Eric’s first album of original songs, “There Is Nothing For You Here”.

“Well, technically I never meant to be a bass player, it was kind of a cosmic accident!” says Sabu. “I bought my first ‘guitar’ when I was 10 years old, but when I got home and showed it to my brothers they realized it only had 4 strings, and was actually a bass! I guess it was fate. I started playing and really liked it.”  He found inspiration in bassists such as James Jamerson and Jaco Pastorius who showed him what was possible on the instrument, and that he could move beyond his comfort zone and find freedom in his playing.

After finishing high school in Kanazawa, Japan, Sabu moved to Seattle to study bass at Shoreline Community College and Cornish College of the Arts where he earned a BA in Music with a focus on jazz.

Stefanie Robbins: Vocals and Percussion
Stefanie Robbins Vocalist
“After my first show with these boys, I knew I wanted to keep performing with them — I felt at home.  It’s the mix of friendship and musicianship.  For me, performing is a way of sending love outward. It’s a path for connection. With the Easy Winners, I get to enjoy both performing and seeing the way our music resonates with audiences.”

Stefanie grew up singing in musical theater productions, children’s choirs, and later went to a performing arts high school where she began experimenting with writing her own songs. She was born and raised in New Jersey but somehow a little country-twang snuck into her vocal style.

In early 2016 Stef approached Eric about producing her first full-length album. After breaking ground on early preparations and song arrangements together, Stefanie joined the Easy Winners at their standing Tuesday night gig at Seattle’s Pink Door where the group would work through the songs as a group.  The chemistry was fantastic, and the eventual result was Stefanie’s stunning album “Welcome Her Back”, and her permanent addition to the Easy Winners line-up.


City Lights

“In the 12 songs on City Lights, Eric Miller engages in approximately 12 different styles of music. A pop chameleon in the best sense of the word, he sounds as though Loudon Wainwright III accompanied Robyn Hitchcock to a bar where the Traveling Wilburys and Chet Baker happened to be hanging out.”
— MS, Seattle Weekly


Date City Venue Country
06/22/18 Bellevue, WA Crossroads Mall United States
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: Free. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 15600 NE 8th ST. Venue phone: (425) 644-1111. This is one of our favorite stages to play. Family friendly with ample seating. Dancing is welcomed and encouraged! We’re on from 7-9PM.

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